En Garde's Software Products

En Garde has built numerous commercial products both independently and for third parties, including a high-speed network Intrusion Detection System, a network security scanner, a WWW usage monitoring and control system, embedded security hardware (on a NIC with an independent processor), and two Intrusion Response tools.

Our two most popular in-house applications T-sight and IP-Watcher are now only being sold to those organizations and resellers with which we have an existing relationship.


T-sight, an advanced intrusion investigation and response tool for Windows can assist when an attempt at a break-in or compromise occurs. With T-sight you can monitor all network connections in real-time and observe the composition of any suspicious activity that takes place. While T-sight is not an automatic intrusion detection system, it does have an alarm system that will activate when certain transactions take place.


IP-Watcher is a network security and administration tool that can control any unencrypted login session on the network. IP-Watcher is an extremely valuable tool for investigating suspicious activity, obtaining evidence of misuse, and even stopping malicious users before they do any damage.